You’ve Got Questions.
We’ve got answers.

Q: Do you still offer in person meetings?
We understand both sides of the COVID debacle. Social distancing and therefore virtual meetings should be conducted whenever possible. However sometimes that just doesn’t work. We are here for you and are happy to work however you prefer. Masks will be required for in office meetings.


Q: Can you help me get my Recovery Rebate Credit?
Of course we can!  If the only reason you are filing is to receive your RRC give us a call for a special rate. (If we discover in the course of preparing a RRC return that filing was otherwise required or advised, standards fees apply.)


Q: Do you offer Refund Advances or the ability to pay out of the refund?
This year we do have an option to pay through our refund! We do not have refund advances.


Q: Are the returns finished in one appointment or will I need to come back?
Many returns can be finished at the first appointment. For more complex returns, or when there is missing paperwork a second session may be required.


Q: Do you work weekends or evenings?
We are happy to accommodate a variety of schedules. If an appointment time that works for you does not appear to be available, please email or call to request accommodation.


Q: How much will tax preparation cost?
At High Desert Tax, our goal is charge you less, not more. Please call during business hours for an estimate based on your tax situation. Prices vary depending a variety of factors. Every family and business is just a little bit different.


Q: Do you charge for advice?
Advice over the phone is always free. Send an email or give us a call to request information to help you.


Q: Can you help me with an amendment when I didn’t file my original return with you?
We sure can! Set up an appointment and bring a copy of your original return, and any paperwork used to fill it out.


Q: Do you file corporate returns?

At this time we do not file S Corp, C Corp or Partnership returns. However, we can use the K1 you may have received from ownership in any of the above, or any other type of K1 in preparation of your personal return.


Q: Do I have to come to the office?
You do not. If you are too busy or even live in another state, we can help you all remotely. You can securely upload your documents to us, and we will be in contact as needed. You can sign and pay from wherever you are, and we guarantee you will receive the same level of service.


Q: I received a letter from the IRS or state taxing authority. Now what?
We would be happy to assist you in dealing with your letter. The important thing to know is do not panic. Most likely the letter is a simple request for clarification, or to inform you of an insignificant correction made to your refund amount. Send us an email or give us a call during business hours to request a phone consultation. We can quickly determine how to proceed and set up an appointment as needed.

Q: Are you open year-round?
While we do not keep regular business hours during the off-season we are available year-round. Give us a call or send an email and we will get back in touch with you promptly.


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